Fish at Petsway

Each Petsway location carries both goldfish and tropical fish.  Saltwater fish, invertebrates and coral are available at the Petsway location in Poplar Bluff.  

Goldfish at Pet Warehouse and PetswayGoldfish

Goldfish aren't as forgetful as has been claimed.  In fact, a goldfish's memory can last as long as three months!  These wonderful fish make great pets for children and adults alike, and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Goldfish are available at all Petsway locations.

Tropical Fish at Pet Warehouse and PetswayTropical Fish

These fresh-water fish make a great addition to any aquarium.  Some species will even react when their owners walk into the room!  Tropical fish are available at all Petsway locations.

Saltwater Fish at Pet Warehouse and PetswaySaltwater Fish

Saltwater fish are bright, colorful, and often have a lot of personality!  Make sure to ask which species can coexist, as some don't play well with others.  Saltwater fish are available at the Petsway locations in Poplar Bluff.

Coral at Pet WarehouseCoral

For your saltwater aquarium, you can't go wrong with coral.  Corals are animals that interact with your fish friends, and come in a variety of beautiful shapes and colors.  Coral is available at the Petsway in Poplar Bluff.