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Petsway is honored to support local pet charities in their efforts to save and improve the lives of local animals.  From fundraising projects to adoption events, Petsway prides itself in giving back to the local pet community.

Pet Charities

Humane Society of Southwest Missouri:  The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri is an independent, non-profit animal shelter funded only by private donations. Any animal brought to the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri will be accepted, regardless of illness, injury, or whether it is an immediate candidate for adoption.

Killuminati Foundation:  The Killuminati Foundation is a local non-profit organization that offers financial assistance for non-routine veterinary care for dogs.

Castaway Animal Rescue Effort: C.A.R.E. is a no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary that rescues adoptable dogs and cats from "death row" at other shelters and finds them loving homes.

Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation:  SAAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending animal overpopulation in the Ozarks by providing spay and neuter services to those in the community who could not afford to do so otherwise.

Pet Resources

TAME Pet Magazine:  TAME Pet Mag is a local publication geared specifically toward urban pet owners; it provides care information for all kinds of pets, as well as tips on how to best enjoy your pets.

UTurn Studios: UTurn Studios is a local photography studio specializing in pet photography for pets of all types.  UTurn also specializes in senior photos and family portraits.

Cruse Dog Park:  Cruse is Springfield's first off-leash dog park.  Bring your dog to fun events like Bark in the Park, Dog Swim, and Dogfest & Dachshund Dash!

Bug Zero: Flea and Tick problems are not isolated to your pets, so consider a full professional flea and tick treatment from Bug Zero. has thousands of great articles written by veterinarians and is a great source for basic information about your pets.